A life of fulfillment starts with you!

You have the power to make revolutionary changes to your situation!

Take ownership of your situation and how you feel about yourself! Learn how to transform your mindset!

You may not be able to change your circumstance, but you can change how you respond. You hold the key to an extraordinary life and are worthy of it!

Effective counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals.

Are you feeling stretched to your capacity, unseen, overworked, undervalued, insignificant, or under-appreciated?

Has your mood started to affect your self-image and the value you think you bring to a relationship?

All feelings are valid, but not all thoughts are facts!

Services We Offer

I want to help you learn strategies to redefine your life and reframe situations for healthy coping.

Let’s unpack your thoughts together!


Counselling is a safe space for clients to explore their emotions, share their stories, express themselves, and learn ways to cope with their problems.


Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that involves talking with a mental health professional to help manage troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and overall, to gain insight from an outside expert perspective.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach and client, where the primary goal is to help the client identify and reach their desired outcomes.

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We invite you to read some of our client reviews and see why Nurse2Therapist is one of the leading providers in its industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any unanswered questions about our services, our FAQ section is a great place to start.

What can I expect for the first session?

After filling out an intake form, we will work together to set goals and a counselling schedule that works for you.

Does insurance cover counselling?

Many health care insurance providers will cover your sessions. Please confirm with your insurance company prior to booking your sessions.

What is the pricing for private therapy?

Please reach out to us for a current fee schedule.  Your sessions may be covered by your health care insurance.

What is your COVID-19 policy?

Our therapy sessions are currently virtual only.

What is your cancellation policy?

You will be charged a $85.00 plus HST fee for missed appointments and cancellations made 24 hours or less in advance. You must communicate in ample time if you cannot make an appointment as stipulated by this agreement.

How long will I be in therapy?

Everyone’s therapy timeline is different and may be adjusted as needed. We will work together to determine a timeline that works for you.

About Nurse2Therapist

Nurse2therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy Services is a strength-based practice that seeks to help you learn and discover inner strength and resilience!

You will learn to give yourself permission to indulge in self-care; care of your mind, body, and spirit. You care for your soul when you cater to the needs of your mind (thoughts), emotions (feelings), and your will (motivation). 

Kay Warner-English


Effective Therapy & Coaching Sessions

Therapy sessions can be tailored to an individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

Through open dialogue and guided activities, therapists can help individuals gain insight into their thoughts and emotions in order to set meaningful goals and take practical steps toward meeting them.



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Visiting this website does not establish any type of client-therapist relationship with Nurse2therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy Services.

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